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November Newsletter

A very warm welcome to my November diary –I hope this newsletter finds you all well.

I start with the following updates about future publications.

The latest short story, ‘Guilty’, is now released and available on Paperback and E-book from your Amazon.

No different to any other author; any reviews are appreciated; these details will be added to this website (under reviews). Your feedback is valuable to me. As usual, the support as ever has been excellent – thank you so much, you guys. Again, I am getting more reviews through this site; I have added them all.

Some of you will already know, where possible, I generally do a great deal of re-tweeting to support fellow authors. If you would like a mention at any point, please forward your requests through this website on the contact menu. Other than that, your follow would always be welcomed; please feel free to leave me a message.

I am currently slowly but surely working on another short story called – “The Attic”, a horror adventure that will go along the lines of “The Lift”, which gave me so much positive feedback.

It is with regret that my timescales will differ for now. I am proud to say that I have always tried to publish the set target amount of books each year, and these self-made timescales have been met every time.

My new novel, the fantasy story called ‘The Impossible Dream’, is still sadly being put back for now. Certain circumstances have changed for me. However, I am determined to complete this title. As stated above, the timescale of this publication and others are subject to change. I plan to complete the short story ‘The Attic’ and then publish my Short Story 2 collection at the end of this year/beginning of 2022. Owing to personal health issues, the original plans will still go ahead if/when the medical staff can help over the next few months to allow me to continue with my love for writing. I am under eight years from retirement and did plan to keep writing beyond this as part of my retirement plan. My determination is still strong, and I will fight this all the way and am determined not to allow this to beat me. I will add more on future pages as soon as I know more.

As mentioned above, all reviews are now being added on here. As I previously announced, I also have a new option in advertising. The advertising option allows you, the reader, to place any ads on here for free. It will hopefully allow your product or business to gain a wider audience. Please remember, this does not have to be local to the UK. I want to thank you and my friends, who continue to give their time to support me and my work.

Thank you for being a huge part and joining me on this exciting and incredible journey. The published titles are dedicated to you, the readers, for the incredible support that you have provided over the years – this will never be forgotten.

All support, along with those who had stuck by me and gave me the support when I needed it the most and still do to this very day – you know who you are…I will never forget it.

I wish you all – Good Luck, Good Health and Good Fortune.

Please stay safe, and once again… thank you for your incredible support.

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