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News Updates

Hello and welcome to my news update.

It has been a while, but for personal reasons, I took a step away from the writing

to prioritise other matters.

I am now looking to work towards my original goals; nothing has changed as far as that is concerned.

Since I last presented an update, I have released the Attic, which is now available in the paperback and e-book format.

The plans for this year are all mapped out and will still meet the timescales that I set myself back in January.

As the Attic has now been released, my next publication is the second part of the short story collection, titled "The Short Story Collection 2."

I have two other projects which are still ongoing. The last few books released are short stories, this time, I felt that it was important that the following publication after the SSC2 will be a novel.

All details about the title and release date will be advertised nearer the time on this website and, of course, on my Twitter page.

The second project is on a much larger scale and will need a great deal of research, and this will be, by no means, the most comprehensive book that I have ever had the pleasure to write.

There will be a different feel to this as I aim to reach out to all ages and present something very new to the readers.

I want to express a special thank you again to Ayee Bz. Thank you for everything, including the line editing, web design, video advertising and the excellent advice. Thank you for being there through the not so easy recent times.

You can preview the amazing videos on this website by checking out my YouTube page. If you haven't already, please subscribe as it would be good to see you there.

Whilst on the subject of being a part of this journey, please check out my Twitter page. I advertise my work and my other friends who kindly support my pages. Please look at their work, as it would be a shame for readers to miss out on their outstanding titles. Again, please join me on my journey by following me on Twitter - (@holte77).

In my last update, I advised that I wanted to amend my older publications which show my previous website address. Due to some agreement, I have been informed that this is not possible through Amazon, which is unfortunate. Please note that the old website no longer exists.

I did have issues with another title called "The Secret" I had to amend the cover of this title, but the book remained the same. When I attempted to do this, I was advised by Amazon that they could not authorise this title to be sold in the paperback format. The reason is that the reader may purchase this and end up with the same book as before. However, I am allowed to publish this book with the new cover on the e-book??

It is frustrating when I look at the other authors who have made it to the big time and see the same book with different covers to aid the collectors. Stephen King's "The Stand" and various other versions of his titles are good examples.

This is disappointing, so this title is now only available on e-books. I didn't want to risk the same outcome happening to all my other titles displaying the old website. In a way, Amazon prevented that from happening by not authorising me to carry out these changes.

As mentioned before, please remember this website has been designed so that you can take part and provide me with your feedback. If you have any questions or reviews and questions for future interviews, please feel free to participate.

If you feel that your business can benefit from some advertising, please provide your details, and we can hopefully get something arranged (pending content) free of charge.

As I mention in every title, a large part of my gratitude must go to the reader.

You're keeping this dream alive by helping me along with something that, over the years, has been a massive part of my life.

I wish you all Good luck, Good Health and Good Fortune.

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