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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Hello and welcome to my news update. I hope all is well.

It has been a busy time inside and outside the world of writing. In the last update, I was announcing the release of my short story, “The Attic.” I thank you for the feedback received concerning this title, this is very much appreciated.

The last update also indicated about the timescales that I have set myself for 2022. Despite those unexpected personal matters that life sometimes throws at us, I am pleased to say that everything is now going as initially planned.

The three projects for this year will now happen, the first being the publication of – “The Attic.”

The second was the release of my second short story collection, this will be released July 22.

The third project was the new novel which I have kept low key for now as you may see on the front page of this website. This novel is now complete in writing terms, but this title still needs to go through the usual final checks. This title will be published this coming December, a little something for the stocking perhaps.

I am now very much into what is the largest project that I have experienced. It is exciting to have a small group of wonderful people supporting and collaborating with me on this. This title will have a whole new meaning to me. It will be the largest book I have ever had the pleasure of writing. The target is to capture the interest of all ages and something new and refreshing.

I would like to thank everybody who is helping me with this project, it leads to exciting times ahead.

All details about the title and release date will be advertised nearer the time on this website and, of course, on my Twitter page.

As always, a special thank you again to Ayee Bz. Thank you for everything, including the line editing, web design, video advertising and excellent advice. Thank you for being there through the not so easy recent times.

During your time on this website, please pay a visit to the ‘Media’ section where you can preview these amazing videos. If you have not already, I would be grateful and really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel, the videos will take you to my YouTube page once selected. It would be good to see you there.

It would be great to see you come on board to my Twitter page. As my regular readers will already know, I advertise my own work and other authors/businesses who kindly support my pages. Please look at their work, as it would be a shame for readers to miss their outstanding titles. Again, please join me on my journey by following me on Twitter - (@holte77).

As mentioned before, please remember this website has been designed so that you can take part and provide me with your feedback. If you have any questions or reviews and questions for future interviews, please feel free to participate.

If you feel that your business can benefit from some advertising, please provide your details, and we can hopefully get something arranged (pending content) free of charge. I have received feedback and a further request so this will be updated on this site as soon as possible

As I mention in every title, a large part of my gratitude must go to the reader. You are keeping this dream alive by helping me along with something that, over the years, has been a massive part of my life.

I wish you all good luck, Good Health, and Good Fortune.

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