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Jake Walker's inspiration in life was his Grandfather Bert. There was always a special connection between the two. This became even stronger when Grandad Bert was forced to stay at the family home due to poor health. When Bert knew that it was time, he needed a long-awaited discussion with Jake. Little did Jake know at the time, but this discussion would change the rest of his life. Jake felt very alone frustrated and scared about life in general. Every day was a challenge for him. His parents would praise his talented sister Kate but would reserve judgement on Jake. Bert was the one who really believed in Jake, where others failed to see any potential. Could Jake find the confidence to start believing in himself and convince others to start believing in him? Would Grandad Bert’s words of encouragement give Jake enough confidence and determination to look out for his family… In the same way that Bert did for them in years gone by? It only needs a little advice that could make all the difference to somebody else’s life. Could Jake make this work for him? A story about love and heartbreak, along with a few simple words that can be enough to completely change somebody’s life ….…. forever.

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