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The Stream


When the Stream started to flow, and the waterfall became active. The memories of the dark side of Mount Red came flooding back for the locals. There was a conspiracy from the day that Ron Knight took residence of the Black House, things changed in Mount Red. It appeared that wherever there was a presence, the Stream would become active once more. Evicted from their last home, Violet, Danny, and son Shaun Andrews moved into the house next door, number thirteen. Just like the Black House, it was left abandoned for many years. Violet and Danny were determined to make this their home. Even more so after hearing about the stories told of the past by the locals. No matter how hard the family tried to keep these stories away from each other to prevent fear, their biggest problem was still to come. It was the day when their ambitious son Shaun learned about these stories from his friends. They had already been warned to stay away from the place. Once the Andrew’s family moved in, the Stream started to fill, and the water began to flow. The historical stories told have rocked the community for many years. Shaun was determined to prove these theories wrong.

Could the stories told be proved to be factual? Or could Shaun prove to those around that the history of Mount Red was just one big fallacy? Find out in this short story of Suspense, murder, a few twists, and one determined boy who is determined to rewrite the history of Mount Red.

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