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The Secret


A long-time feud between the Bowman and the White family went back for years. The disagreement continued as Russ White, and Hugh Bowman refused to step down. David White had one focus in life, get a job and place of his own. He didn’t read too much into the long going disagreements between the two families on Newcombe Road. However, he feared that this would change on his first day of this new job at Jericho’s. Angela Bowman was a key figure for the business. Although she had moved out a couple of years back, David was nervous that the dispute between the two families would affect this position. Would time allow them to work together and go against the feelings back on the street? Was there a reason for David to be concerned as Angela would hold all the cards? If they could work together, how would this fair with the Bowman and White family? As time went on, they find that they had more in common than they could’ve imagined.

Would this be enough to end the feud once and for all? A story of a rift between two families that sees two different cultures come together. A journey of many challenges, dedication, love and one big secret.

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