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The Lift


They say that moving home is one of the most stressful things in life. In this short story, David Felix thought so. Making arrangements to get away from his previous neighbourhood made this all worthwhile.  As he was emptying the contents of his boxes, David came across this unusual object. It had been left behind in the back of this cupboard in his new apartment.  Little did David know at the time, this object held a great deal of history behind it. This was about to send him on one unforgettable chilling adventure. Due to a refurbishment of the offices at his work place, news filtered through about a temporary office move. This news started to cause friction and unrest amongst the team members....but why? David soon found out that old news still lives on as Horror Stories of old have been well publicised about the Flittern Offices. No businesses have set up there since these stories hit the headlines all for the wrong reasons.  What could go wrong? Could these stories be true? Could this place be trusted or was this just media hype? Unlike most of David's colleagues, he was willing to find out. Would this be a decision that he would live to regret? A fantasy adventure takes the reader through David's journey. This was one journey that he will never forget. The choices are simple at Flittern...Do you take the stairs or do you take the lift.

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