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The Expedition


Gregg Deakin and Graham Owen were just shy of taking their Bird Tour business into the fifteenth year. And on that day, it was just like any other birdwatching expedition that they have done countless times before. And yet, Gregg had a feeling that this tour in Sandlington Woods would be different. Meanwhile, Will, Debbie, Rob, Alan, Holly, Tom, and Laura could not wait to start and experience what is waiting for them out there in the woods. With the proper equipment and the right attitude, they were prepared for what they will be seeing once they start trekking through the trails. What they weren’t prepared for was an additional joiner who met them halfway. The moment Simon Preece stepped in, everything started to change. And from the way things were going with Simon, members of the group seemed to have developed some kind of agenda against him. Will the group have enough behind them to keep Simon at bay, or will he get exactly what he wanted? What started out as an innocent birdwatching tour turned out to be a story that each one of them will live to tell. Little did they know that what awaited at the end of the journey would prove to alter the course of one’s person’s life, and another person’s fate.

Follow this adventure in this short story as it will take you for a ride in a world of murder, mystery, and suspense – and the quest of one man taking matters into his own hands. Will the truth remain hidden forever, or will everything around him slowly unravel to reveal his inner motive?

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