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The Attic



It all started with a noise in the attic.

Gavin Mills was no longer happy in his current relationship with Tracey Saunders, and his patience was running out because of her controlling ways.

In one of their date nights in Gavin’s flat, a rustling sound was heard in the attic. Believing it was a rodent, Tracey demanded Gavin to have a look and get rid of it. Gavin has yet to go up into the attic as he did not need anything stored up there.

Upon his investigation, he discovered that there was one item left behind by what was thought to be by the previous occupier. He later learned that his findings went back much further than that. After a discussion with a trusted friend Ritchie Wells, they both agreed that all the questions that they have in their heads would be answered by trying out a little experiment.

What they did not know was this little experiment would take them to another place and time, and make them witnesses to some horrific acts of violence, which they later would find out to be unresolved crimes to this day.

Would this come back to haunt them? Would those who dare to take this on survive to tell the tale? Would there be an unfortunate scenario that would make one regret that they took this journey to never come back?

Join Gavin and Ritchie on their unexpected adventure in ‘The Attic’.

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