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Storm Front


There was a close community in the small Norfolk village called Fensgate. It was small enough for everybody to know everybody else’s business. Simon Taylor who ran the local Mart with his wife Elaine knew them all as one by one they would trickle into the mart buying their daily goods. At the same time, they would share the talk of the village. This was the only time when the community worked together as one. The people of Fensgate never had anything to do with the neighbouring community of Thornstead. They always did think that they could outclass one another. This was the normal life, a life that they all got used too. One-night Simon was out walking his dog when he had a concern about a storm that was threatening over Fensgate. The River Phoenix that ran through Fensgate was becoming wild as the wind was picking up and the level was as high as he had ever seen it before. As the time went on, the more concerned he became and tried to relate this to the other residence. Another concern was the local fishermen who decided to go out that very night and was already hours into their work. Would Sid, William, Freddie, and Will survive this unexpected turn of weather out at sea? This was the 1950’s; communication was not enough to give out the luxuries of weather warnings. During the height of the storm, any radio contact would fail. As the storm was becoming more and more threatening over Fensgate, Simon needed the community to pull together, and he had to take responsibility. Could Simons fears end up being a false alarm, most of the residents expected it to be just that. Did Simon Taylor have enough to convince the people of the two communities to do something that has never happened – Work as one? Follow Simon in his battle to convince the locals of Fensgate that this was not going to be like any other storm in this short story - Storm Front.

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