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Short Story Collection 1

I welcome you the reader to my first short story collection. This book contains four of my short stories including:


The Lift - A tale of suspense and horror. David Felix moved home and came across this object; little did he know that this object held a great deal of history behind it. It was only the beginning of an unforgettable chilling adventure. 

Storm Front-The River Phoenix that ran through Fensgate was becoming wild as the wind was picking up and the level was as high as ever. It was the 1950’s; communication was not enough to give out the luxuries of weather warnings. During the height of the storm, any radio contact would fail. Could the fears end up being a false alarm, most of the residents expected it to be just that. Would it be possible that the two communities could do something that has never happened before – Work as one? Follow Simon Taylor’s adventure in his battle to convince the locals of Fensgate that this was not going to be like any other storm in this short story - Storm Front.

Never Forget- Harry Lucas had a rough youth as he became a victim of bullying; this was led mainly by Andrew Robinson. Since this time, Harry moved on with his life but could never forget what happened all those years ago. After a visit to the craft fair, there was an announcement that made these feelings of anger return to Harry. The whole bullying thing could never be forgotten; only this time, they were older, but not so wiser. Could this be Harry’s chance of bringing it all back for Andrew, and will he get to learn how much pain he caused Harry and his family back then? Can Harry find a way of dealing with this problem that had been eating him for years now? Find out and see what happens when Harry had to live with this for years; it was something that he could “Never Forget.

Chill- Shaun Miller only wanted a comfortable life. He was dedicated to his work at the local recycling centre. When Shaun walked into work, the fastest way was through this estate where groups of kids would hang out and make themselves known to those passing by minding their own business. Toby Elliott liked to think that he had the final say in what happens around his group on that particular part of the street. On this specific day, Toby challenged Shaun, and he was not going to give in to Toby, this humiliated him in front of his group. Toby was never going to let this go, could this decision come back to haunt him? Could the choice of pursuing his attack on Shaun be something that he will live to regret for the rest of his life? Time is undoubtedly against Toby in a short story of horror, murder, and adventure in Chill.

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