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Jimmy Rowland's cries for help have been ignored by his family for too long. He hit an all-time low falling into a depressed state of mind. As a result of this, he turned to drink bringing out an inner anger and violent tempers. In the end Ebony could take no more and a divorce was settled. An incident at the beach with the children Jessica and Bill in the care of Ebony made Jimmy more determined to take them away from her. His problems that he had to face on a day to day basis did not help his cause. Jimmy acted before thinking at the best of times, would this be his downfall or would he win over the affection of his devoted Children? Jessica and Jimmy both had different emotions. They knew what they wanted...but would this be the same thing? The question now was. Who could stand their ground long enough to get what they wanted? Could Jimmy get the support to win back the trust of those around him? Would his ideas of making this happen work in his favour, or would it distance his family even further away from him? Revenged shares emotion, Love and sex. It also brings hatred, murder and of course revenge.

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