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Never Forget


Harry Lucas had a rough youth as he became a victim of bullying, this was led mainly by Andrew Robinson. Harry would fear and dread every day of which resulted in tension within the family. Since this time Harry moved on with his life but could never forget what happened all those years ago. He would cause problems for his parents in his attempt to do anything but have faced the prospect of seeing Andrew Robinson. It caused tense times within the Lucas household and never had the chance to put things right for them. After a visit to the craft fair, there was an announcement that made these feelings of anger return to Harry. The whole bullying thing was never forgotten, only this time they were older, but not so wiser. Could this be Harry’s chance of bringing it all back for Andrew and will he get to learn how much pain he caused Harry and his family back then? Harry’s sister Isobel just wanted Harry to move on as that time had gone. Harry could not agree as he will never get those days back. Can Harry find a way of dealing with this problem that had been eating him for years now? Was Isobel right about moving on or would Harry’s determination eventually drag Isobel into this, just like he did with his parents all those years ago? Find out and see what happens when Harry had to live with this for years, it was something that he could “Never Forget.”

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