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Missing Love


Jason Turner was happy with his life. He had good friends and a beautiful girlfriend called Alessandra. It was love at first sight, but being still at school; nobody took their feelings seriously. The only problem that Jason had was Alessandra’s controlling father, Ezio. He would never give Jason the time of day. One-day Ezio decided that the school, Alessandra’s friends, and Jason were too much of a distraction, especially as she was leading up to the most critical final two years at school. Ezio’s idea to deal with this distraction was to create another for Alessandra. Everything that she had built up over the years along with her happiness was instantly taken away from her. Her mother Rose would just accept Ezio’s ways as she never had the nerve to stand up to her husband. The latest plan from the controlling Ezio devastated Alessandra and Jason as this was sure to come between them. Alessandra was determined to succeed and rebuild her life and try to get back as much of the happiness that she once had. However, as time moves on, so do others with their lives.

Would Ezio get his way and build a large enough gap between Alessandra and Jason? It was a dangerous game when trying to gain control…he could so easily be losing the love of his daughter at the same time. Will Ezio see through his ways before it is too late? Will Alessandra build enough courage to finally stand up to her father for the sake of Rose and her own happiness? Follow Alessandra and Jason’s journey of love, emotion, heartbreak, frustration and one very controlling father in 'Missing Love.'

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