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Since the passing of her father Tony, Maggie found growing up very difficult. Her mother Brenda never really came to terms with his untimely death and distanced herself and Maggie away from their family.She once lived in a life of luxury as Tony would always provide her and Maggie with whatever they wanted. Things started to get too much for Tony and everything eventually caught up with him. This eventually then caught up with Brenda as she struggled to provide after being left with nothing. She had a responsibility to look after her one and only daughter Maggie. In the end, Brenda would resent Maggie as the struggles became too much for her. With the fair coming to town, Brenda was able to earn some much-needed money. This also provided Maggie with an unexpected opportunity, an opportunity that would completely change Maggie's life.As Brenda worked, Maggie would walk around and she soon realised that the good people of the fair had more in common with Maggie than she first realised.

Follow Maggie on her difficult journey as this leads Maggie into new hope, love, friendship and along the way some very tough decisions.

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