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Losers Weepers


The last few years was the same old routine going home to his strained relationship with his difficult partner Gail. It didn’t help when Grant came home early to find her entertaining somebody else. Grant Baker had one of those bad days where everything around him appeared to fall apart. Others started to lose faith in him, so he was determined to show them that they made their minds up about him a little prematurely.


After working in shop fitting, he wanted to use this place to show that he was not the failure that they believed that he was. A sudden change of heart changed things for Grant and everybody else around him. Grant found out that losing the respect of those close to him will help him move forward. Would Grant find a way of building his reputation and would those who have been close to him stand by and support him on his adventure?


A story about love, deceit, emotion, romance and sometimes there is no turning back. Sometimes things can go wrong for the right reasons…will this be the case with Grant Baker. Follow Grant on his adventure in Losers Weepers.

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