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Paul Tait just wanted to have fun; it didn’t matter how he acquired it. For him, it was just one of these ordinary nights where he would have a different girl next to him, whilst hanging out with his friends at the pub. As long as everything was the way he wanted it to be, there would be no problem. Unfortunately, that one night, something came up...and for Paul, it was a problem.
Steve Grey and Tim Harding were at the wrong place and at the wrong time when they visited the Iron Mitre Pub one Friday night. All they wanted was to have a few drinks, and maybe get to know some new people whilst in there. What they didn’t know was on that fateful night, they would fall into a trap.
When Steve awoke in a hospital after a car crash, there were answers needed - and these were answers he did not have. If he had nothing, he would find himself getting on a path that he never imagined in his life he would be taking.
Meanwhile, Melanie had questions on what transpired that same Friday night – why her friend Jessica was now lying in a hospital bed in a coma. She wanted to find answers, but she knew for her to find it, she would need to brave the uncertainty and face her biggest nightmare.
In this tangled web of tales, with all the missing pieces of the puzzle surrounding the people involved, would the evidence come out to prove that at least one of them is Guilty?
Find out how the mystery of their Friday night unveils itself in this story of deceit, loss, love, forgiveness, and eventual redemption.

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