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As the war was in full force around Ernie Starkey, this lonely lad in the streets of London was completely unprepared for the life changing experiences that he was about to face. An innocent visit to the grocery store with money in hand ended in losing so much as the sirens for the next air raid began to whine in his ears. Once the all clear was given, Ernie found that he had lost more than expected. This was a new start for Ernie and one that promises to take him on a new, but challenging future. It will involve making his own decisions and learn to put his trust in people he didn’t know. Ernie was raised with a strict upbringing that made him strong minded and made him more determined to succeed with life during and after the war.

As his life moves on, he was going to need his more than ever. Follow Ernie’s story of devastation, loss, new adventures, love, grief and some very big decisions.

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