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Shaun Miller only wanted an easy life. He was dedicated to his work at the local recycling centre. The hardest part of his day was convincing his Mum Sandra for the use of the car to save the walk. When Shaun did walk, the fastest way was through this estate where groups of kids would hang out and make themselves known to those passing by minding their own business. Toby Elliott liked to think that he had the final say in what happens around his group on that particular part of the street. It was how things worked around here. The other streets had their own methods, that was their business. On this particular day, when Shaun had to walk...Toby challenged him. Shaun was not going to give in to Toby, and this humiliated him in front of his group. Toby was never going to let this go, could this decision come back to haunt him? The actions of Toby led from one nightmare to another, and the people that stuck by him for years started having doubts. Would they remain loyal to Toby?

Could the decision pursuing his attack on Shaun be something that he will live to regret for the rest of his life? Time is undoubtedly against Toby in a short story of horror, murder, and adventure in Chill.

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